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Teasdale Apothecary Co.




Teasdale Apothecary Co. is a full-service compounding and community pharmacy, and a one-of-a kind sustainable retail experience. Compounding is the art and science of creating custom medications from raw materials. In addition to compounding, the Apothecary will meet all of your community pharmacy needs, including - filling prescriptions, assessing and prescribing for minor ailments, administering injections, providing medication reviews and so much more. ​Our retail section is a delight for consumers committed to low-zero waste principles and those looking for healthier alternatives to toxic home and personal care products. It's the only plastic-free, refill store in the area! The storefront carries items that have minimal and plastic-free packaging and non-toxic ingredients. It also features bulk refills for basic items, such as shampoo, hand soap, healing herbs, household cleaners etc. and a personal care section featuring brands (local, national, and international) that are committed to natural ingredients and environmental initiatives.


65 Beech Hill Rd.
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2P9

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